You love your hybrid, so do we! What none of us love is the unexpected expense once our hybrid battery pack fails (typically between $3k to $5K at the dealership).

Many times when a hybrid battery fails, the car’s value is $5K or less. You debate . . is your hybrid vehicle really ready for the junkyard instead of the repair shop?

The hybrid dealership will agree with your fears and move immediately to “upgrade” you to a new vehicle on their lot. While we all love the smell of new car leather, many of us don’t love it enough to start the saga of a 5-year monthly payment plan.

Our Personal Experience With Hybrid Battery Failure

Our daughter was gifted our 07 Prius when it was time for dad to upgrade to a Lexus (also a hybrid). The Prius was absolutely a wonderful vehicle.

Hybrids do not have a traditional transmission to go out and our Prius’ brakes lasted well over 100, 000 miles. Our maintenance expenses had been minimal.

One day, I got a call from my distraught little princess as she described to me the “triangle of death” she was now looking at on her Prius dashboard. I calmed her down and called the dealership.

After Hearing The Price To Replace A Hybrid Battery, Our Princess Had To Calm Dad Down…Smile!

Knowing our 07 Prius was only worth $4,500 or so, we looked online for an alternative to the dealership and found a good online company. They charged us approximately a $1,000 and gave us a warranty.

After they left, I thought our hybrid was good to go so I encouraged my wife and daughter to take the Prius to Ohio on a family trip. After all . . . our Prius is the best fuel efficient vehicle we own.

Several hours later, my wife called from the side of the road in Kentucky (we live in Georgia). Another module had given out.

I Won’t Go Into Any More Detail Here Other Than To Say, She Was NOT Happy With Me Or The Situation.

The good news . . . the hybrid repair company honored their warranty.

The bad news . . . to date they have come out 3 times to service our Prius in a 10 month period. Their method of repair is to test and change out ONLY the bad battery modules. Since the battery modules had gotten near the end of their life cycle, we discovered from experience that the other modules have a high probability of failing soon after each replacement. We didn’t expect to become BFF’s with our hybrid technician!

Bottom line . . . hybrid vehicles will last several hundred thousand miles with minimal maintenance expenses as long as you can find a low cost and RELIABLE hybrid battery replacement solution. In addition, you need a company that issues you a warranty to stand behind their work.

Suffice It To Say, This Whole Ongoing Saga Of Wasted Time And Frustration Led Us To Come Up With Our Hybrid Battery 911 Solution.

We formed a company where our exchange process is mobile. You don’t have to waste time driving to a repair center and waiting for your car.

Hybrid Battery 911 technicians come to you. You can work, play, garden or relax while sipping a hot cup of java while we work.

When our Hybrid Battery 911 technicians discover a bad battery module, we will exchange your complete hybrid battery pack with a 100% revitalized battery pack. All modules will have an optimal charge and be fully balanced. Rest assured, our revitalization process is green and earth friendly.

You can return to the road with the full assurance that you have no concerns with up to a full 8-year prorated warranty with unlimited mileage! Since your batteries are like new, your chance of seeing us for repairs during your warranty coverage period is minimal.

Your Warranty Will Ease Your Mind That Your #1 Hybrid Maintenance Expense Is Covered.

If you do decide to sell your vehicle, your warranty can transfer to the next owner of your vehicle. Your car should have a higher resale value with the added value of our warranty.

Do you have a hybrid battery needing repair? Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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Note: Hybrid Battery 911 will not sell or share your contact information.